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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Bin Weevils Is Dying - Here's Why

Let's take a trip down memory lane to 2011-2013 when Bin Weevils was one of the most popular virtual worlds for kids, with their BAFTA wins, toys releasing, and record growth on the site, Bin Weevils had a promising future. Now in 2016, I don't think nobody expected Bin Weevils to turn out like this.  

It's time to face facts: Bin Weevils is declining in players dramatically. During 2013, Bin Weevils saw over 2,000,000 unique visitors to BinWeevils.Com, now in 2016, around 100,000 are now visiting the website, chances are the number of players logging in daily is low, due to the fact there is hardly any updates! The Bin Weevils Team have no effort in Bin Weevils anymore - they're focusing on mobile apps because they know Bin Weevils will be discontinued in the near future. What are kids playing more nowadays? Mobile apps - Bin Weevils Team obviously have a strategy here and are being ignorant as usual. 

Not a surprise to me that Bin Weevils is going downhill: the game hasn't had any decent updates since 2014. Pretty much what we get nowadays is revamps, flash mobs, nest items, and blog posts (99% of the players hate all this crap). Even the new nest items are advertising the newest apps Pirates vs the Deep and Snake in Space! I don't know about you, new content makes me want to login and actually play the game, returning the same content that bores the life out of you won't. When does Bin Weevils actually consider player feedback? Never - they're the most ignorant team of people ever! It's no wonder the game is going downhill when you get blocked on social media by them for sharing an OPPINON.

It's not hard to show a little effort and enthusiasm, Bin Weevils Team! Whenever I see you online at your crappy flash mobs you go on be right back all the time LOL. What does the Bin Weevils community team do daily? Seriously, it seems to me they sit on their arses and be rude to kids or go on unwanted celeb accounts and say stupid things like ''DIRT IS GROSS'' to get attention. They're an incredibly lazy bunch of people, well, when I say bunch of people, there is literally only 4 community team members now. Bin Weevils made like 40 staff members redundant in March 2014. The community team are doing too many jobs and that means the posts on the Bin Weevils Blog are rushed and look horrid. So much time goes into preparing for flash mobs and crap on the blog!

Anyone can see advertisements are keeping Bin Weevils alive at the moment. The amount of promotions is making Bin Weevils less appealing, especially when they ruin Binscape areas (the areas that haven't already been ruined by Bin Weevils Team's crappy revamps). Not to mention My Little Pony taking over and the appalling Transformers ''Drive in Cinema'' area at Dirt Desert Valley. I can't stop laughing at the recent area revamps - what the Bin have they done to our world of Bin Weevils? 

Bin Weevils products flopped, the magazine was discontinued due to lack of sales, same with the whole entire toy line. The reason is simply because Bin Weevils is not worldwide; Bin Weevils Ltd spent so time and effort with the toy line, books, magazine, Bin Bots, etc. Such a shame! In 2012/2013, the magazine and toy line did well due to their creative advertising. That all stopped when Maybee took over as Head of Community, therefore they focused on going social and apps, so the products were stopped. Maybee and the community team tried to be a Club Penguin wannabe with their whole social approach; it clearly failed. Bin Weevils going social has caused too many consequences! 

In my opinion, Maybee is not leading the community team in the right direction, there is clearly an issue which needs resolving. I generally think the community team do what they do for the money and be lazy on purpose, why not? They're getting paid for sitting on their arses all day doing nothing and they're getting away with it because of poor management. There is no passion from the entire team anymore! Rudebian Drewbian is not a professional adult and has caused too many issues, do they have experience with kids? Bin Weevils' customer service is the worst by far - threatening kids to the police isn't nice.

Will we see the closure of the Bin Weevils? Most likely, yes! If the Bin Weevils Team continues avoiding updating their game, less people will pay for Bin Tycoon and login. Bin Tycoon isn't worth the money anymore and Bin Weevils is already becoming like a ghost town. Virtual worlds in the past that closed did what Bin Weevils are doing, focusing on mobile apps and leaving the game to die. Have a look at the below graph from Google Trends:
The graph shows the top websites for kids (Bin Weevils, Moshi Monsters, Animal Jam, and Club Penguin). Bin Weevils remains right at the bottom, just below Moshi Monsters while Animal Jam manages to overtake Club Penguin. Moshi Monsters and Bin Weevils have both declined in the recent years. 
R.I.P Bin Weevils 
Here is Bin Weevils on Google Trends - as you can see in 2011 Bin Weevils saw tremendous growth, most likely down to the amount of exciting content they were releasing! In 2012, Bin Weevils saw a dramatic downfall and has never claimed back those high views from 2011. Although Google Trends doesn't necessary prove Bin Weevils is near closure, it certainly gives us an idea of how bad they're doing at the moment!

Be prepared for the closure of Bin Weevils everyone! Bin Weevils Ltd may close the Binscape's (is it even a Bin anymore?) lid at any moment. We can always remember Bin Weevils with happy memories! Once Bin Weevils Ltd release more apps and their upcoming Weevil World Crafter Craft I believe they may announce the closure of Bin Weevils. It's only a matter of time! Who should be blamed for this? Not the community, all blame should go directly to the Bin Weevils Team. We've supported them over these years, now they can't be asked to do anything for us. 

See you on the next post which will probably be another long rant.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Is The End Of Bin Weevils Near?

Aha, let's look back to 2011-2013 when Bin Weevils was the one of the top virtual worlds, with new toys and apps launching, the BAFTA win, and record growth on the site, it appeared to everyone Bin Weevils will have a promising future. Now, in 2016, Bin Weevils is literally dying! At any moment, the Binscape lid may close (is it even a Bin anymore?) and we can remember Bin Weevils with our happy memories.

I know what you're probably thinking, but this is the truth. Bin Weevils is seeing a dramatic decline in players and there is nothing we can do about it! All we can do is sit back and let the world of Bin Weevils crumble while the Bin Weevils Team remain ignorant and have no effort in updating their game with what the PLAYERS want: more challenging games, missions, VIP parties (Rock 'n' Party, Pirate Party, Spring Festival, etc), new features, and most importantly, less returning crap, and no more revamping areas!
Have a look at the above figure graph from Google Trends - it displays four of the top virtual worlds for kids (Bin Weevils, Moshi Monsters, Animal Jam, and Club Penguin) you can clearly see Bin Weevils remains at the very bottom just below Moshi Monsters, with Animal Jam slowly overtaking Club Penguin. Bin Weevils and Moshi Monsters are both declining! There was a time when they both were the UK's top virtual worlds for kids, such a shame.
In December 2011, Bin Weevils saw tremendous growth, as you can see in the figure graph from Google Trends. This isn't the players fault that Bin Weevils is dying -  all blame should go directly to the Rude Weevils Team! They hardly ever listen to player feedback and have no effort with Bin Weevils anymore, they're focusing on mobile apps because they know the day will come. What do the community team honestly do every day? Sit on their arses being rude to kids and making hideous blog graphics and posts, yeah I said it, that's all they do! Returning old content is not fun and is boring the hell out of us, especially the flash mobs where the community team go on BRB all the time. If you can't chat to the fans don't bother, honestly. 

I personally wasn't in the old Bin Weevils, but I can see why so many people want more challenging missions and better updates seen in the old bin. It's not hard Rude Weevils Team to show a little effort and enthusiasm, come on! This is your game here! The players always know best, that's why games should listen to their community. Create what we want: the money will come to you!

Bin Tycoon is no longer worth the money, there was a time when Bin Tycoon was so worth it and was fun! I'd rather be a non-member if I'm honest with you, at least, I'm not paying for a game which
lied about having their database hacked and covered it up with a ''secret project'' excuse- classic Rude Weevils Team there, I love the fact they didn't even send out an email to Bin Weevil parents, LOL.

Not to mention the HORRIBLE new area revamps that 99% of the players like - I can't stand to even look at Dirt Desert Valley and Gong's Cloud Pipenest - not forgetting about My Little Pony and the other advertisements taking over the Binscape. What the Bin have they done to our world of Bin Weevils? It's no wonder the game is going downhill. Promotions are keeping Bin Weevils alive at the moment; anyone can see that!

Will we see the end of Bin Weevils anytime soon? Most likely, not yet, Bin Weevils Ltd (I can't stand their new company name) still has merchandise that is selling in shops, even though they discontinued the toys. Bin Tycoon memberships must still be selling, but less people are buying due to there being no updates. Bin Weevils Ltd already made like 40 staff redundant in March 2014 due to money issues. I estimate we've got a year of Bin Weevils left: once Weevil World Crafter Craft is released Bin Weevils Ltd may discontinue Bin Weevils or release more mini-apps before. The best we can do right now as a community is to be prepared for Bin Weevils to become like a ghost town and just hope for the best. The end is near, though, as I mentioned before Bin Weevils can close at any time, just wait until they've released more apps.
I still believe they renamed Weevil World to Crafter Craft because they're trying to move away from the Bin Weevils brand. Bin Weevils' target audience range (kids) are moving away from laptop/computers to mobile devices. Perhaps Bin Weevils Ltd should have made a mobile app for Bin Weevils rather than an app that is a bit of a rip off to Clash of Clans?

If you're reading this Rude Weevils Team, no hard feelings, but get off your arses and stop being lazy for once! <3 Love ya

Monday, 18 January 2016

Two New XP Secret Codes

Hey Bin Weevils! Fancy an XP top up to start the week off? The answers to the recent puzzle challenges on Weevil News are BWHEART4 (250 XP) and BWHEART4DDR (500 XP - Bin Tycoon only). 
Weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine outside of Lab's Labs to enter the above secret codes! Happy weeviling everyone!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Dirt Valley Spotted On Weevil News

Hey Bin Weevils! Here's what's new from the Weevil News Blog today. You can now vote for which Bin Weevil celebrity you'd like to race against (similar to a flash mob - which everyone generally dislikes). Vote for your choice on the brand new poll!
Definitely much better than a boring flash mob where you talk to the staff who hardly talk, although I'm sure this will probably crash your computers, so be prepared! I'd prefer a new race track kit or, at least, an updated Weevil Wheels game! 
Bin Weevils have accidently included on today's post what the new Dirt Valley will look like on the Binscape map. They most likely ran into some bugs because Swathe confirmed the new Dirt Valley will be out last Thursday, whoops! Typical Bin Weevils Team there. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

How Long Is Soon?

Anyone who plays Bin Weevils will know the team sure love to use the words ''coming soon'' and ''limited time'', of course, that's their favorite words! I'm absolutely sick of their poor excuses and how they discontinue projects. Weevil World (Bin Weevils' upcoming app) was nearly announced TWO YEARS AGO and there is still no release, updates on the Weevil World social media channels have also discontinued. Absolutely ridiculous! 
Cute Weevil World app icon 
Do the team even care anymore? There seems to be no effort or enthusiasm from them, I'm certain they just do what they got to do for the money. Yes, that is their job, but it doesn't hurt to show a little enthusiasm and effort! Not to mention the poor Bin Weevils customer service; they don't have enough staff members to handle a game played by nearly 30 million players. From my calculations there are at least nine people working on the game!
From the What's New Blog April 2014
Bin Weevils, in fact, planned to release a mobile and tablet explanation in spring 2014 - that never happened! Take a look at the below advertising campaign designed by Kelly Scott, a past Bin Weevils designer. 
Will we actually see the release of Weevil World? I can only assume Bin Weevils have discontinued the app due to lack of funding or whatever. If they actually can be bothered to do more for us and release Weevil World then they may win the BAFTA this year. So fed up of their excuses! 

Hugbug7330 Wins WOTW + Fan Art Of The Week

Hey Bin Weevils! Here's what's new from the Weevil News Blog today. Dad is back with a Fan Art Of The Week comeback - submit your fan art for a chance to earn a golden trophy and a Mulch price!
Hugbug7330 is also the latest Weevil of the Week winner! If you spot Hugbug around the Binscape, be sure to say hi! You'll certainly spot him as he is now super-sized for seven days.
I'd like to see Bin Weevils roll out more updates on Fridays, after all, it is the last day of the week, plus more players are online during weekends. Anywho, happy weeviling! :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Bin Weevils Adverts

Hey Bin Weevils! I have spotted six new Bin Weevils advertisements while exploring websites today. At first, I wasn't a huge fan of the main text style, however, now I'm loving the new style!
The chat with friends and play two player games ads look bad in my opinion; firstly the font and speech bubbles in the chat ad look dreadful, they've literally used the same weevil cutouts in the play two player games advert.
It's so nice to see Bin Weevils expanding with new adverts across the internet! Do you think the latest additions will pull in new weevils? Most ads have their own specific sign up page - a neat advertising strategy from Bin Weevils. 
Happy weeviling!